Personal River Engine Documentation

Personal River Engine is a set of functions that allows to create web shops for Amazon Product Advertising API with just few lines of code.

Main features:

  • Native content from Amazon
    • Product list by keywords
    • Product list by node
    • Detailed product information
      • Similar items on the product page
  • Shopping cart
    • Similar items in shopping cart
  • Random autocontent
  • Static content in addition to native Amazon content
  • Additional pages with static content
  • Advanced hierarchical navigation
    • Text, HTML and image navigation items
  • Easy shop setup with PHP array and constants
  • Page layout in simple template and items
  • Cached calls of Product Advertising API
  • Extremely lightweight with less than 1000 lines of PHP code
  • Based on unmodified AWS Signed Request by Ulrich Mierendorff
  • Full source code (PHP + HTML + JS + CSS)
  • Responsive sample layout
  • Real shops as free examples with full source codes
  • PHP-script to get shop settings from Amazon Nodes database
See demonstration of all main features in Demo Shop.
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